About NIGPEA 2020

Nigeria Prominent Expatriate Awards 2020 (NIGPEA) will honour all successful and outstanding expatriate who have achieved milestones in various fields of any sector in Nigeria.

This unique opportunity will further demonstrate the role of expatriate in building a sustainable business and creating value in their host country. These set of amazing individuals has made Nigeria their home, they truly deserve once in a lifetime recognition.

The expatriates have set benchmark of hard work, dedication, passion that has transformed businesses in Nigeria.

Rewarding these Successful expatriates will be momentous to the winner and their peers within the expat community.

The night promises to be an evening of exceptional networking with the expat community and stakeholders, that have supported them in achieving success in Nigeria.


Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos


March 20th, 2020

What you’ll discover at NIGPEA 2020

Nigeria Prominent Expatriate Awards 2020 is the first of its kind in Nigeria to honour Successful expatriates and unveils Top 25 prominent Achievers. Join us in recognising high achievement and celebrating excellence within the expat community.